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The young people that are studying at the University are going through a transitional life period, which starts from adolescence and is paving the way to a mature adult personality. Adjustment difficulties can be experienced in any transitional phase. In addition, there can be problems due to the new learning skills that a University education demands.

The major goal of the Centre is to help and support the students to face effectively all the problems that they may encounter during their university life.

The main purposes and activities of the Centre are as follows:

  • The rendering of Counseling Services (individual, group, students with special needs).
  • The conduct of scientific lectures, meetings, seminars, symposium, congresses, scientific events, publications, and editions and the invitation of Greek and foreign recognized scientists.
  • The cooperation of any type with Research Centers and Local and Foreign Academic Institutions, if the scientific aims coincide, fit and interrelate with those of the laboratory.
  • The coverage in undergraduate and postgraduate level of teaching and research needs on subjects falling within the objectives of the laboratory's activities.