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Student Counselling has been an internationally acknowledged institution for decades intrinsically  connected with the overall function of Universities. Student counselling is practised in special centres, the Counselling Centres for Students.

The Counselling Centre for Students at the University of Athens was established in 1990 by Order of the Dean (No 13637), following a proposal of the Department of Psychology. During the academic year 1997-1998 it became a member of the Network of Centres for Social Support of Children and Youth, which is sponsored by the General Secretariat of Youth, a body of the Greek Government. The Centre was established as a  Laboratory of the University of Athens in 2002 (Presidential Decree No 119, Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic, Sheet No: 99) and is operating in accordance with the regulation of the University of Athens. It is a member of the European Forum for Student Guidance (FEDORA) and a founding member of FEDORA - PSYCHE (the division of FEDORA for Psychological Counselling).