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Προβολή νέων


Counselling & Psychological Services for ERASMUS and International Students

Counselling  in  English  every Wednesday  15:30-17:30

Location:  Counselling Centre for Students (office 511, 5th floor, School of Philosophy). 

You can either  make an appointment- in person or call  210-7277554  between  10:00 a.m.  -15:00 p.m  

How can counselling be helpful to me?                                                                                          

When you need somebody who can listen but you don’t know who to turn to, when you have tried everything on your own but nothing really works. Counselling centre is a safe place where you might want to ask for help concerning difficulties in school, work and life.  When you talk to a counsellor, she/he can listen and understand your thoughts and feelings, work with you to develop new skills to resolve the challenges you are facing. Counsellors can also make further referrals and help you to connect with other on-campus and off-campus resources.